Rally Self Drive Experience | Night Time

Sun International Hotel | Carousel

Book the ride of your life today with this daytime hotseat rally drive for only:

R4,325 Incl VAT

Vehicles are mostly Subaru but can be changed without notice.


Looking for the perfect gift experience for the ultimate adrenaline junkie or speed freak?  Look no further than a Night Rally Self-Drive. It’s perfect as a birthday gift, team building experience, or loyalty reward, and it includes a rally driving course.  

If you’ve enjoyed the daylight rally self-drive experience, you will absolutely love the night rally self-drive! Speeding through the bushveld at night is an unforgettable experience.

As with the daytime rally self-drive, your experience will start with the passionate facilitators introducing you to the art of driving, rallying as a sport during the briefing. For your safety and that of everyone in attendance, some rules will have to be followed, and you will learn more about rally car behaviour, drivelines and the dos and don’ts of rally driving.

The briefing in itself is money well spent – especially the Pace Notes, which – if you pay attention – will ensure that you drive like a pro by the time you finally put the pedal to the metal.

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you speed around the bushveld – unable to see where you’re going.  If you’re up for it, you will progress to the Special Stage. Here you will drive at high speed on a road you don’t know. You will only have your navigator yelling instructions at machine-gun tempo and powerful rally lights to show you the way. Can you keep your cool and prove that you’re a rally star?

Finally, you will have the opportunity to experience a nighttime hot seat spin with one of our instructors. Be sure to empty your bladder first, as this one will test your mettle!

Extras Included –

  • Certificate of participation
  • T-Shirt
  • Water and soft drinks
  • Light meal (hamburger or boerewors roll). Unfortunately we don’t offer Halaal or vegetarian options.


  • Location | Sun International Hotel | Carousel
  • Track days are weather dependent
  • Vehicles can break and mechanical failures can happen. Bookings will be rescheduled accordingly.
  • Track days take place weekly and are subject to availability. Book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Clients who are under the influence of alcohol may not participate.
  • Clients who are late for their track day will forfeit their experience.
  • Please wear comfortable light clothes and thin flat-soled shoes. Preferably a long sleeve shirt with collar to protect your neck.
  • Minimum age for Rally Hot Seat spins is 12 and for the Rally Self Drive is 16.
  • Spectators are welcome. Small children, the elderly and frail will not enjoy the dusty environment and/or extreme outdoor temperatures.
  • Remember to take sun precautions and your camera.
  • Rally Hotseat spins take 10 minutes from being strapped in up to finishing your ride.
  • All cars are rally-specification class N4 or class A7.
  • Vehicles are mostly Subaru but can be changed without notice.
  • There is a weight restriction of 125kgs. Persons whose waists are larger than 48 inches will not fit into the rally cars.
  • Persons who are 1.9m in length should fit into the rally cars quite comfortably but heavier and taller people may be refused for safety reasons. Such bookings will be transferable but not refundable.

Book the ride of your life today with this daytime hotseat rally drive.