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Sceptical Caveman

My name is Karel Caslavsky, a Secular Humanist and proud Atheist from the Czech Republic,  currently staying in South Africa. I am a globe-trotting WordPress Developer, Affiliate Marketer, and Freelancer. My mission is to design and provide quality solutions to improve the quality of life for my clients.

Web Design &

Social Media Marketing

Business Page & Ads Management

Why Sceptical Caveman?

WordPress Developer & Designer | Affiliate Marketer | Freelancer

I am a newly established online entrepreneur. Over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, over 5 years on web design through CMS (Content Management Systems), and over 3 years of Social Media Marketing Management. My mission is to provide as many people online presence as possible. After all, it is the 21st century. One of my main focuses is to give my clients a professional yet responsive website that exceeds their expectations while achieving the clients’ requirements as first and foremost. The objective here is to give you, my client, the freedom of focusing your attention on your business while I attend to your website and social media presence via online marketing.

I want to be able to keep your website up to date and maintained to the highest order. Along with; keeping your content updated; your images to carry their message to the viewers; as well as important changes or bug fixes, especially when such matters are crucial to the running of your business. I take pride not only in my work but in producing quality one-of-a-kind exemplary designs within a reasonable time frame while keeping my clients happy and satisfied. My total solution service is aimed at maximum online exposure with the biggest impact without coming across as being spammy and of course, not compromising your brands’ integrity 


My services span across many areas of building a successful technological and online presence. Services include building responsive, visually pleasing, professional, social media integration and more importantly… websites that entice your visitors to interact with CTA’s (Call-to-Actions) and your web forms.

We offer a variety of service options

Web Design &

Let me turn your ideas into reality. I’ll help you stand out with a website that’ll be the envy of your competitors. Always standing by to design and set up your professional, responsive, and equizite online presence, connecting your brand to the world. All my websites are designed using the latest CMS framework. Custom development can also be done through my in-house team should you need a more specific solution.

Social Media

With expertise and specialising in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn I’ll develop your online presence to reach new heights in popularity. While you focus on what you do best with your business let me open new avenues and generate new leads and contacts for your business in the background. My specialist team will create, optimize, maintain, and even interact with your visitors to keep the interest fresh and motivated.

Business Page & Facebook Ads Management

Businesses are unique and should be treated as such. A total solutions service including web design, online presence, and paid promotions via the four main social media platforms. These services are designed for businesses that want to grow without compromising quality. New lead generation and increase in potential clients contact information. For online services or sellable shop front products.

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Being an Affiliate Marketer that has been earning passive income now for over 2 years with some top branded products and services over and above my web design and social media marketing brings about a few extra perks and commissions. Not only do I promote affiliate services, but I offer them as referral to those who would like to become affiliate marketers themselves. If your interested in affiliate marketing on a global platform and not just in South Africa or your country, please download my eBook. I assure you, no time wasted, no empty promises, I tell it like it is with the harsh reality as well as the potential to become an online passive income earner like myself. Sounds fair? Do yourself a favour and download my eBook. You can thank me later. 

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